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Painting by Dick Pope, Bristol Savages
Michael Long by Dick Pope, Bristol Savages
Painting by Dick Pope, Bristol Savages. Members club

Bristol Savages was founded in 1904 by a group of local businessmen artists who had been painting together informally since 1894.

They would meet on a Wednesday evening and paint to a subject set by a Chairman for the evening, but soon afterwards, as well as artists, friends who could entertain and friends who enjoyed the arts and good fellowship were invited to join, just as today.

In 1920 the Bristol Savages built their present home – the Wigwam.

The Wigwam

Regular Wednesday evening meetings take place from October to the end of April in the Wigwam, alongside the Red Lodge in Park Row and built along the lines of a Gloucestershire Tithe Barn. 

The Wigwam hosts a range of other Bristol Savages events including dinners, informal lunches and interesting talks.There are two Ladies’ Nights before Christmas, an annual formal dinner for members with notable guests and a Summer Soiree with partners.

In addition to a bar, the Wigwam is home to artefacts collected over the years and paintings by past and present artist members. 

The Wigwam is also the venue for a very important event – the Annual Exhibition of Paintings where finished works by artist members go on show and are for sale to the general public.

Over the last few years, we have had some very successful regular morning ‘Let’s Talk’ talks by members, open to guests, about their lives or interests. These are held for fund-raising purposes.     The Wigwam is open to the public on special occasions only, such as ‘Open Doors’ days and the Annual Exhibition of Paintings.

Members’ Wednesday Nights

Wednesday nights have a long-standing and traditional format. Around 7.30 pm, artwork produced by the artist members (the ‘Red Feathers’) in their studio is put on display in the Wigwam for members to enjoy viewing. Currently, we have 22 ‘Red Feathers’, working in a variety of media (including oil, watercolour and acrylics). Members are permitted to purchase artwork produced by the artists earlier in the evening.

We officially start at 8.00 pm and entertainment is provided by our talented performers (the ‘Blue Feathers’). Musical entertainment includes a wide range of music from classical to jazz to folk. Amongst our ‘Blue Feather’ members we also have singers, poets, raconteurs and magicians who also perform on Wednesday evenings.

The majority of our membership are general members (‘Green Feathers’). 

Meetings finish at 10pm.

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